Underground Adventures in Krandemere

The Party:


After leaving Harkenvald the party traveled to Mount Krandemere.

Krandemere is a large mountain in the Head of the Dragon.
Inside the mountain is a vast and ancient labyrinth. At the mouth of the labyrinth sits a small trading outpost called the Seven Pillars. The party embarked on several quests inside mountain.

  • Eliminating the Blood Reaver goblins who were kidnapping locals into slavery. Just outside of entrance to Krandamere’s maze the party rescued a halfling from goblins. The halfling knew where other victims had been taken. The party raided the goblin lair only to find out that the slaves had already been sold to a Duegar named Murkelmure.
  • Driving out the necromancer Paldamere and his minions. At the request of the local Mages Guild, the party investigated a local vampire cult. After first slaying the vampire Nexull and apprentice adept Tal Livorus, the party eventually killed the sorcerer Paldamere.
  • Attacking and destroying a Duegar military stronghold known as the Horned Hold. When the party raided the goblin lair, the Duegar lost their cheap supply of slaves. The Duegar held the party responsible. After Duegar attacked in Seven Pillars, the party decided to mount a full scale attack on a nearby Duegar castle called The Horned Hold. Although it’s lord, the Anti-Paladin Murkelmure escaped, Florgin and his allies destroyed the Hold, burning it to the ground. - All other races of Dwarf, especially White Dwarves, hate Duegar (also known as Grey Dwarves.) The Duegar have been at constant war with the other Clans since the end of the Giants War.

Underground Adventures in Krandemere

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