Very large, walled independent city-state. Population approx. 20,000.

Terrule is an important commercial port city with a heavy religious presence.
The Thieves of Terrule:

The city of Terrule is the largest and most densely populated in the region. The government is ruled by plutocracy of the cities wealthiest residents. Internal politics are very cut-throat, corrupt, and saturated with organized crime.
Three major thieves guilds control the city, often in uneasy peace with each other:

  • Fair Fight Tong (FFT): Street gang with major influence in the slums, and minor influence on the docks, and warehouse district. Mostly low level crime, muggers and pick pockets. What this gang lacks in sophistication, it makes up for with shear numbers. Virtually every poor soul living in the slums of Terrule is loyal to the FFT.
  • Sleeping Brotherhood (SB): Major crime syndicate, largest thieves guild. Involved in extortion, ‘protecting’ the city from crime in exchange for a hefty insurance premium. Rogues and thieves operating within Terrule without the sanction of the SB do so at great personal risk. The punishment for thievery, if caught by the Brothers, is execution.
  • Mended Cloak Gang (MCG): Main rival to SB. Mostly smuggling/transportation and security. This gang is secretly controlled by the player character Marcher.
The Clerics of Terrall:
There are two large islands in the bay of Terrule. The larger, northern island is known as Terrall,. The major pantheons of the realm have divided the north island, with areas dedicated to the major gods of each pantheon in its respective area.

The smaller island south of Terrall is known simply as The Gate. The Gate is a major pilgrimage site for all of the major pantheons. The Gate is the reason the clerics of Terrall built the religious complexes on the northern island. The Gate is an inter-planar gate, the oldest and largest in the known world. Legends say that this was the gate that the gods crossed to come to this plane during the First War, The Only War. Great battles were fought on all sides over The Gate. However, millennium have passed since the days when Kord and Moradin faced MakeMake and Asmodeus, and The Gate has slipped into a state of immortal disrepair. The great stone henge is long gone, and the magic gate only functions under rare stars with powerful rituals. Even then, the power of the magic is not strong enough to cross the distant planes, the way it did before. The clerics of Terrall has closed the gate to pilgrims with the exception of major religious holidays.


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