Gifter Lagmender


Gifter is a Dragonborn Chaos Sorcerer, who specializes in storms and cold.

A very charismatic white and blue dragon. Gifter is friendly and outgoing, and prefers to use diplomacy and bluff. However, when the goblin shit hits the fan, he is there with powerful lightning attacks.

Gifter’s main travel companions are an anonymous human Fighter who serves as his Samurai bodyguard and a dwarven cleric of Kord named Florgin


Likes: Chaos, Storms and Kitty Cats.

Born to nobility, in a house that traces its lineage to Bahamut, Gifter was shunned by his peers for his chaos magic. The Cults of Bahamut strictly use dragon magic, but Gifter was unable to control his powers and was forced to leave the Dragonborn kingdom.
Though he remains loyal to Bahamut, Gifter is also connected to Kord. This manifests itself primarily in his lightning and cold breath weapons, again putting him in conflict with the Cults of Bahamut.

Gifter Lagmender

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